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The Mask Dance Festival of Bhutan.

Bhutanese always look forward to the festivals as this is a time when families come together and witness grand cultural celebrations.Tshechu or the Mask Dance Festival is known to be the most important religious festival in Bhutan. They believe that everyone should find an opportunity to attend the Tshechu at least once in their lifetime as it is a time to not just socialize and entertain, but more importantly, a time to cleanse themselves from sins and receive abundant blessings. Apparently, each mask dance represents a particular story, a reenactment of events dating as far back as the 8th century. The most popular Tshechus are celebrated in Paro during springtime and in Thimphu when autumn comes. Although sacred for the people of Bhutan, for us, it is an excellent opportunity to experience the colourful, yet intriguing, culture of the World's Last Shangri-la.