Aarief Hussain Travel Photography Bhutan, Kashmir, Asia Workshops | The Mask Dance Festival of Bhutan

Bhutan LandscapeSoft clouds gently descend on the mountains that protect the Zhong. The people of Bhutan come to the festival to pay homage and celebrate with the monks.The feet of the dancer are strong and skilful as he places each step with pride and reverence.These musicians play a haunting tune as a lone dancer spins and moves to their tune.Music is the thread that binds the dance to its prayer.The tiger mask stirs up feelings of fear and power as he moves around the dance arena. He plays an important part in the story.Swaying and twirling the energy and tension of the dancers build as they move and circle in a trance like state.My mind and spirit are transported to a higher place as I perform this dance.As the festival comes to an end and costumes are removed we see that the dancers are both monks and men performing dances and rituals that have been handed down for centuries.At the end of an exhausting day of dancing and performing the monks take time to pray, reflect and give thanks.aarief.comaarief.comTigers's Nest Bhutan