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Young Monks:A child monk sacrifices his childhood and dares to take up a journey of Dharma.New life invites them to be disciplined and to devote time learning and understanding religious sacred scriptures.Motion blur/aarief.com/btAt the doorstep of SpritualityMonk Dancing in Religion Festivalaarief,com/bt/ monk#aarief#kashmirMonks use music to benefit self and others simply by raising our unconscious mind or ignorance to consciousness or awareness, and then consciousness to supreme consciousness or wisdom.A senior monk trying his luck during festival vacation and leaving junior monks astonished.#aarief#kashmiraarief.com/monk/bhutanThe Journey/aarief.com/bhutan.#aarief#kashmiraarief.com/monk/bhutanDevotion/aarief.com/bhutanScriptures/aarief.com/bhutan/monkAarief.com/prayer wheel/bhutan #aarief#kashmirBhutan Photography- Where spirituality is part of life.Bhutan Photography- Monks repairing electrical default.Bhutan Photography with Aarief- NunneryBhutan Kashmir Asia Photography by Aarief.Aarief in Singapore travel photography lecture.Bhutan photography- Prayers Flags.