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Nomadic Life - Nomads of Kashmir (Bakerwals) 

The dust of Kashmir and Bhutan is in my skin. I have been working on this photographic project for a number of years, trying to capture the daily life of these nomads as well as reflect their inner thoughts and impressions of life through the lens of my camera. I have followed them over rugged Himalayan paths and glaciers. Working my way through thunderstorms to some of the most hostile places and war zones in the world. Sometimes living with them, sometimes climbing to their temporary camps, sharing their happiness and sorrows, in search of images that give a voice to their existence.

A sequence of photos in this portfolio has turned me from a photographer into a story-teller. Presenting a picture story of “The Nomads of Kashmir!” Yet this Story is IN PROGRESS.

A nomads life has many layers which gradually unfold with my images and gives a unique visual experience. I try to combine my photography skills with a practical knowledge of the nomads to uncover the desired setting long before capturing it so that the photos weave themselves into a beautiful and meaningful story.