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Aarief came highly recommend by a Friend when I wanted to learn photography. To me photography ment learning how to use my camera and all its functions. Little did I know that that was not needed at all! With Aarief he teaches you to see things with your heart and makes you create magic with your camera. It’s as if every time you shoot with him you enter a world of beauty and creativity. For anyone at any level who wishes to be a photographer a class with Aarief is a must!
Suhana Ahmed(non-registered)
Aareif is a great teacher to learn from for the beginners life ke me and even for self taught photographers. He teaches every detail of taking photos, technical and the aesthetic side, too.
It's been fun taking lessons from him. Aarief is a great photographer himself.
Eszter Tandel(non-registered)
I started recently a mentorship program with Aarief. I already worked before as a portrait photographer in Europe, but I felt that I want to tier down the barriers that I felt that they were limiting me.
I wanted to learn the real art of photography and I believe I could not chose a better mentor to help me deepen my photography knowledge and skills.
Due to Aarief's help I gained a better photographer eye for spotting the subjects and I also gained confidence in street photography.
Thank you Aarief!
thanks for sharing your amazing work! totally love your angles and colours.
Deepak Jain(non-registered)
Truely amazing even we cant imagine the snaps you took.
Your work is BEAUTIFUL
Shafaqat Ameez(non-registered)
I know Aarief even before he got married to photography. He had this artistic touch to his thoughts and conversations which are elements of good photo. His pictures tell stories with good blend of history, geography, technology, passion and modern era..
Christine Farrell(non-registered)
What a privilege - I first discovered Aarief and his incredible photos on Instagram - and I was mesmerised by their intense beauty the stories that they seemed to tell enthralled me and the vast landscapes spoke to me of a place that few would have the opportunity to discover.

So when Aareif agreed to let me share some of his incredible images within the pages of my newspaper 1World News - a newspaper for young people, I was over the moon and the feedback since our first double page spread has been incredible - everyone absolutely loved them and the story that they told.
I hope that one day I can join him on one of the incredible photographic expeditions that he organises as I know that it will be something to treasure for all of time.
In the meantime I look forward to seeing more of his photos and sharing his stories and learning more about these incredible landscapes and cultures. Thank you.
Margaret Sheahan(non-registered)
I recently returned from another unforgettable photographic journey with Aarief. We travelled to Kashmir, a truly beautiful gem in so many ways. Staying in a houseboat on the Dal Lake and seeing the many historic and beautiful sights in Srinagar was inspiring. However, the journey from Srinagar to the stunning mountains was truly memorable. As we travelled on roads that wrapped themselves along mountain sides I found myself moving closer to the heart of Kashmir. We stayed in tents with nomads and were warmly welcomed to enjoy their humble and yet rich hospitality. I found myself climbing mountains and enjoying "once in a life time moments" that I managed to capture in my photographs. A journey such as this would not be possible without the knowledge and guidance of Aarief. His love and passion for Kashmir and photography are acutely apparent as we traveled on a journey I will always hold dearly in my heart.
Rabi C Dahal(non-registered)
A massive thank you to Arief for the wonderful photographs you have contributed to Tashi magazine, the in flight magazine of Royal Bhutan Airlines Drukair. Thank you for the collaboration. The photographs you send us for the latest issue of the magazine, on Paro tshechu, were awe-inspiring.

We just want to thank you you for all the work, time, and sincerity you . put into capturing the colourful Paro tshechu and Bhutanese landscape. The images showcase the Bhutan’s landscape in all its glory. We can't help but tell you we have gotten over whelming complements on the Photo-Essay you have contributed for the issue. You did an outstanding job and on behalf of Bhutan Observer, the publisher of Tashi Delek magazine, would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Managing Editor
Bhutan Observer
Thimphu, Bhutan
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