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Tulail Kashmir - An Inside Story ! A story of the last village Tulail in Kashmir India

February 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Tulail Kashmir - An Inside StoryTulail Kashmir - An Inside StoryTulail Kashmir - An Inside Story


This is a story of the last village Tulail in Kashmir India that rests upon the border between India & Pakistan and falls under the Indian-administered Kashmir. Special permissions are required from the government & Army to visit this area, therefore is considered very sensitive and volatile area.

I walked through the uneven paths there, sometimes roaming aimlessly, other times reflecting quietly. I saw small shops (though very few) that sell some basic utilities and food items. Elderly men sitting outside the shops discussing political upheavals and commenting on unpredictable situations arising every now and then while young men running errands in that small market and busy fulfilling survival needs of their families.

Food and grass to be used in winter days is dried under sun in summer days. I could also see the eggplants hanging from a washing line and bunches of spinach lying on the wooden fence out in the sun.

This region remains totally cut off from the rest of the world during winters, roads leading to this place disappears under thick blanket of snow making it impossible to reach.Women here wear their century old traditional dresses decorated with cultural designs. As a common practice here, women climb into the forest early morning to collect wood for cooking and also to stock them up to burn during winter. They carry huge wooden log on their back and do hard labor. The size of their hand and feet is broad and manly.

Spending time with the villagers and listening to their stories helped me look through their eyes and feel through their hearts. On my way back I was thinking that borders should be there to define a piece of land and should never mimic a slaughterhouse. These people own this land so have all the rights to live in peace with better facilities to keep pace with other parts of the globe. They are simple people and deserve a happy life. Their homeland should be kept intact in its original form where they can live in harmony so that a great culture should flourish. 

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