Aarief Hussain Travel Photography Bhutan, Kashmir, Asia Workshops | Aarief is Singapore-based photographer with a passion for indigenous peoples and cultures.

Aarief is Singapore-based photographer with a passion for documenting the indigenous peoples and cultures of Himalayas.

Initially starting out as a photographer while traveling extensively throughout Kashmir, a fortuitous series of events lead me to photograph Bhutan almost by accident. In fact, prior to my arrival I knew virtually nothing about the country and really had no idea what to expect. But I immediately fell in love with the place and its people. It was like a dream come true. Indeed my only regret was not having visited much sooner!

During  years of traveling and working on my photography, I've exposed myself to these people and places, immersed myself in these lands. They've been life-changing experiences. My Kashmir and Bhutan photography tours are a way of sharing what I have discovered and experienced.

If you’re ready to join an adventure, rather than a tour, then check out my expeditions page !