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About My Travel Photography: My Journeys are to the less travelled places, which are shrouded with mystery to most people, places that have rich cultural existence, People of these places are respectful loving and welcoming.

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Bhutan! Why not?


Take an adventure you won’t regret


Come on a travel photography adventure to a place that is virtually unspoilt by the modern world. Experience a culture that continues daily life in all its traditions. Enjoy being greeted by the smiles and laughter of the local people. Travel along mountain roads and be ready to capture landscapes and rural scenes that will both surprise and take your breath away. Visit monasteries that have stood the test of time filled with monks who continue a life of prayer and meditation. Their religious festivals are a feast for any photographer or traveler who want to experience the music, dancing and ceremony in all its glorious colour. A spectacle only to be seen in Bhutan.


If you’re ready to join an adventure and not a tour then this trip is for you. My journeys are a way of sharing what I have discovered and experienced in Bhutan. I want to share my photography skills in a setting where you can immerse yourself and be a part of something that you will never forget. If you are ready to take a chance and come on a real travel adventure, as well as learn the skills to take memorable photos, then this a journey for you.


This September, I have meticulously planned a journey to help you enjoy exactly how the Eastern Himalayas should be explored. Each day I will help each member of the group with photography lessons, tips and advice tailored to your needs.  


Give it a Shot. Ask your friends to come along or take a chance yourself and be a part of this exciting journey.  

Cultural Safari Highlights

You can drive your own SUV in Bhutan (optional) to experience the fun of driving through extraordinary valleys and mountain roads. If you prefer, allow my expert drivers to take care of the driving. Journey through timeless villages tucked away in pristine mountains. Explore ancient monasteries as they were originally intended.  Camp near the most beautiful locations. Enjoy fresh organic food served throughout tour. Each evening we will share our images taken through the day and spend some time to critique our work. Of course, this will be accompanied with some Bhutanese wine around a camp fire to end our day of fun and adventure.


Indigenous Travel and Safaris 2017

 Where  When  Status  Duration  Services Providers

Cultural Safari Bhutan

 22nd Sept 2017   Confirmed  10 days Licensed Tour Operators
Indigenous Kashmir & Ladakh  19th May 2017  Confirmed  12 days Licensed Tour Operators
Indigenous Bhutan

 22nd Dec 2017

(Exclusive Christmas and New Year Celebrations in Eastern Himalayas)

 Confirmed  15 Days Licensed Tour Operators






Sharing: If for some reason you are unable to join. I invite you to visit my page (www.aarief.com pick of the week or Instagram @indigenousculture) to live vicariously through my adventure.