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Active Asian Vacations: Insider's Photography Tours of Kashmir and Ladakh

Indigenous Kashmir - Ladakh. Date 19th - 30th May 2018,

Hemis Festival July 3rd -July 7th 2018. 

Indigenous Kashmir -Ladakh - Zanskar (Stongday Gustor) State Photo Tour: July 7th-18th July2018.(Tribal and Festival Shoot).

Autumn Kashmir -Ladakh, Colors of Himalayas 20th Oct -31 Oct 2018.  More information: Contact 

Traveling the Western Himalayas as a very small group of adventurers, we are in a much better position to fully benefit from the incredible wealth of natural scenery and cultural splendors that this unique part of the world has to offer the curious travel photographer. if you are considering embarking on an adventure holiday in India or have been thinking that you would like to learn travel photography - perhaps even both - then a hands-on and in-the-field Kashmir photography workshop could be the perfect solution.

Over the years I have met many people from around the world who told me that they'd always dreamed of visiting Kashmir, but had never done so because they didn't feel comfortable visiting without a trusted local to show them around. If this is also applies to you, then now's your chance!

On this page you will find details of what you can expect if you decide to join me on one of my Kashmir and Ladakh photography tours

Kashmir Photography Tours

The Kashmir Valley is a region of glacial lakes, Mughal gardens and charming alpine hill stations affording spectacular views of towering, snow-capped Himalayan peaks. Traveling by 4x4, we will forge our own route up to high-altitude plateaus. Perhaps we'll meet a caravan of pastoral nomads journeying on horseback to higher grazing. Or we'll stumble upon a thrilling religious celebration, the whole village dancing and praying together in a riot of color and festivity. 

Our travels will take us through orchards laden with peaches, cherries and apples, then deep into thickly forested hills and up to lush mountain pastures carpeted with brightly colored wildflowers. We might stop to eat by one of the regions numerous idyllic waterfalls, or perhaps pitch our tents alongside an encampment of indigenous goatherds. Together we'll gather firewood and enjoy a hearty meal cooked over an open fire. Or we'll install ourselves in wooden highland cabins, to be greeted in the morning by spectacular unbroken vistas of the majestic Himalayan scenery as we breath in the pure mountain air.

In this part of the world it is better to go with the flow, to allow nature's rhythms to work on you, rather than attempting to dictate to nature. We'll take our time, allowing serendipity to lead us where it will. Open to every eventuality, always ready for adventure. Our hearts and minds will recall each moment of this incredible journey, our cameras will capture every breathtaking image.

Kashmir is also a region of considerable cultural diversity, where many different ethnic and religious groups live side by side. Consequently, among the many Kashmiris who flock to consult the oracles at Ladakh's Buddhist monasteries, you are almost as likely to find Hindus, Moslems and Christians as you are to meet Buddhists. All in all, Kashmir and Ladakh offer such a wide range of fascinating photographic subjects that one could spend a lifetime traveling these lands and never run out of inspiration. Furthermore, without the need to pay excessive government fees, photography tours of Kashmir and Ladakh present a more affordable - but no less spectacular - alternative to traveling in Bhutan.

Travel Photography Tours of Ladakh

There are few places in the world that lend themselves so readily to the photographer's craft as Ladakh. Perched between the Kunlun and Himalayan ranges and fertilized by the mighty Indus river flowing in from Tibet, Ladakh is the land of high passes, offering dramatic mountain views and an incredible wealth of Buddhist monasteries and stupas. 

Formerly an independent kingdom, and still very much isolated from the rest of the world both geographically and culturally, Ladakh is now part of India's Jammu and Kashmir State, yet has strongly retained its unique identity. Although closely related to the cultures, customs and traditions of Bhutan and Tibet, Ladakh's indigenous culture is like nowhere else on earth. Indeed the mystical rites of Tibetan shamanism and the healing and divinatory trances of oracles practiced in Ladakh today are perhaps better preserved here than in any other part of the Himalayas. 

The city of Leh, Ladakh's capital, grew prosperous due to its strategic position on the silk route, leaving behind a fascinating cultural and architectural heritage that includes a finely preserved old quarter, numerous monasteries and the old palace. All very rewarding subjects for visual study during a beginner's photography workshop. But it is out on the mountain roads, in the valleys and fields, the plains and passes, that we will experience the true wonder of Ladakh. From picturesque stone-hewn villages to pristine, flower-filled meadows, the drama of high-altitude sunshine and deep-valley shadows sculpt the upland landscape into remarkable pictorial views right before your lens. 

Similarly, spectacular Ladakhi costumes and the excitement and mystery of ancient tantric rites performed at local festivals make for vibrant scenes of humanity that just beg to be photographed. Here we will meet people whose way of life has remained unchanged for centuries. The rugged, romantic lifestyles of highland herdsmen; the idyllic, rustic existence of traditional barley farmers; the ascetic traditions of crimson-robed Lamaist monks. Charming red-cheeked children, radiant youths, and the contoured, sun-weathered faces of village elders all help to make this a fantastic place to learn portrait photography.