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I Now Offer Intimate Bhutan and Kashmir Photography Classes For Small Groups

In addition to being a professional photographer in Singapore, a few times a year I run intimate photography tours in Bhutan, Kashmir and Ladakh. These itinerant travel photography workshops are suitable for both total beginners and more advanced photographers alike. However, my photography expeditions are designed to provide much more than just an opportunity to learn photography in Asia, or to have an exciting Bhutan or India adventure holiday. They are about breaking down barriers between folk from different backgrounds and gaining real insight into the peoples and cultures of some of the more off the beaten track parts of the Himalayan region. 

The Best Photography Workshops Teach More Than Just Photography

With my Asian travel photography tours and workshops, emphasis is always on having fun while we learn. I'll give you small daily assignments to work on, in order to challenge your strengths and improve your weaknesses. But no matter your level of photographic experience before this trip, I promise you that you will return home a photographer. In fact some people have come on my expeditions just for the experience and with little more than a cursory interest in photography, only to end the journey with a fully awakened passion!

Having said this, I really try to ensure that my trips are about much more than just photos. They're about human connection, creating positivity and finding out more about ourselves and the world around us. In fact some travelers have come with me again a second time, as they wanted to give something back to the community. So yes, we'll be looking closely at photographic composition, exposure and all the rest, but what my Kashmir and Bhutan photography workshops are really about is people.

Think Like A Photographer. Be A Photographer.

Each time I step out of my front door to embark on a trip, I forget all my day-to-day responsibilities and become another person. I drop off my bags at the airport, and try to leave all my personal and cultural baggage behind with them too. I can't wait to land, to find out what adventures lie in store for us. We pass through immigration, and from that moment on I'm a photographer. 

I urge you to join me, to go where the energy takes us. To be totally open to the new experiences that await us at our destination. Push yourself. Feel what I feel. For the next 10 days you are a photographer too. Not just any photographer, but a passionate and keenly alert photographer. Receptive to the world and high on the thrill of our Kashmir or Bhutan adventure.

If you choose to accompany me on one of my upcoming Asia photography expeditions, I assure you that these will be days quite unlike anything you've ever experienced. For information about my next scheduled photography tour to Bhutan, Kashmir or Ladakh, please check the relevant pages, or Contact .